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We are pleased to announce that in addition to marketing our real estate listings to Chinese Buyers in China, we have now added Russian to our web site to market our listings to Russian Buyers.

Why advertise with us?

Chinese are now the leading global real estate investors

  • Bain Consulting estimates that 50% of the ultra wealthy Chinese (assets of USD 16 million or more) already have investments overseas.
  • A Bank of China study expects half of Chinese millionaires plan to immigrate overseas to protect their wealth, health (from the Chinese air pollution and food safety issues), and family (for schooling). China has the fastest growth in the number of millionaires among all the countries in the world.
  • Boston Consulting expects the Chinese overseas investment of USD 450 billion to double in the next 3 years.
  • Upper middle class are now buying real estate overseas, not just the wealthy as their Chinese assets have appreciated in recent years.
  • We expect the trend of overseas investments to grow rapidly as Chinese government is encouraging such.
  • China Free Trade Zone will allow legal flow of capital out of and back in to China. This allows Chinese to legally divert funds to invest overseas.

Chinese Buyers Are Moving Markets

During 2013:

  • 27 % of all the new homes in London were to sold to Chinese buyers
  • Chinese buyers outnumber locals 3 to 1 in cities like Vancouver, Canada
  • In US cities such as New York. Los Angeles, Boston, Chinese buyers are moving the markets in sheer numbers
  • Chinese makes up over 20% of foreign purchases in Singapore

Why Chinese Buyers Are Buying Overseas

  • Poor air quality in China
  • Concerns about food safety
  • Increasing number of students studying in US
  • Price appreciation potential of real estate overseas. Many Chinese are concerned the real estate prices in China may be over priced.
  • Recent crack down on Chinese real estate speculation by Chinese Government encourages overseas investments
  • Increase in Chinese real estate prices create much wealth for Chinese to buy overseas.

How we promote your listings and services.

When you advertise with us, we market your listings and services through a well established network that is unique and very far reaching: is linked the following web sites to reach millions:

    • Private Banking Clients.

      • This is Agricultural Bank of China’s official web site (Note our link is in the flashing media of this web site. Click on the flash media with Zhao Ai Ju logo and you will be directed to a page describing our services offered to Agricultural Bank of China’s clients. If you do not want to wait for the flashing media to show our logo, just click on “3” on the flash media and you will be directed to our site ). Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is one of the four largest banks of China. Among the four state banks owned by China, ABC has the most number of customers. ABC has 320 million retail customers, 2.7 million corporate clients, and nearly 24,000 branches. It is China’s third largest lender by assets. ABC went public in mid-2010, resulting in the world’s biggest ever initial public offering (IPO). As of 2011, it ranks 8th among the Top 1000 World Banks, meanwhile Forbes Global 2000 named it the 25th-largest public company in the world. ABC has tens of thousands of wealth management clients, all of whom are very qualified buyers of real estate around the world.
      • Business Executives and Business Owners.

        •  US China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (USCGITA) is an international investment banking platform that helps companies make cross-border investments. USCGITA helps its members find projects, find investments, and provide local support by bringing in local attorneys, accountants, investment banking firms and other professionals. Companies such as Standard Chartered Bank, Zoetis (of Pfizer), Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao (leading publically traded company in Shanghai) and many others are members of USCGITA.
        • China Chamber of Commerce of Machinery and Electronics (CCCME) is considered by many to be the leading chamber of commerce in China, with over 15,000 state owned enterprises as members. CCCME is under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce. Its members are the largest state owned enterprises and their business volume exceeds USD 100 billion a year. Each year CCCME brings many business delegations overseas, many of which are part of the state visits of Chinese leaders. China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics, CCCME‘s official web site (This link brings you to CCCME’s web site. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to our web site and you will see Zhao Ai Ju ‘s services offered to CCCME members.)
        • Shanghai Enterprise Directors’Association is the largest trade association in Shanghai, representing over 5,000 of the largest Shanghai state owned companies. Its members include welcome companies such as China Eastern Airlines, Jing Jiang Hotel Group (Largest Chinese Hotel Group), SAIC (the largest automotive company in China) and many others. (This link brings you to Shanghai Enterprise Director Association’s web site. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to our web site and you will see Zhao Ai Ju’s services offered to SHEC members)
        • Private Club Membership

          • The Pudong Club is the leading and most prestigious private membership in Shanghai Pudong. It is also the ONLY private member club inside the China Free Zone. Members include welcome known companies as high net worth individuals. Membership to this club is very selective.
          • Chinese Overseas Travelers

            • PTG China is a leading outbound travel company that focuses on premium travel to the high-end market. Unlike other Chinese outbound companies that focus on group tours, PTG China focuses on private and customized tours.

Chinese Social Media

          • Cell Phone Friendly

            • Our web site is formatted for both I-Phones and Androids and will automatically go to our Chinese web site when accessed from China.
          • Wei Bo

            • With over 90,000 followers already, we will be using Wei Bo to reach out to the Chinese mass market. We will send a monthly average of over 100,000 Wei Bo advertising clips to people who have indicated interest for buying overseas real estate, studying or immigrating abroad. Scan the Wei Bo bar code on our web site, and you will be brought to our Wei Bo account.
            • We Chat

              • Through We Chat, we will be reaching out to the We Chat platform to promote

What We Offer You

We bring you the Chinese Buyers and provide the end to end services that allow you to work with the Chinese Buyers

  • Our listing services portal will allow you to:
    • Advertise your listing in Chinese, both for Sales and Rentals. This may double your commissions if you find a prospective buyer without a Buyer’s Agent to share the commissions
    • Put your personal profile on the web, all in Chinese. This allows Chinese prospective buyers to connect with you to become their Buyer’s Agent
  • We provide these end-to-end services to prospective Chinese buyers to support you:
    • Save Time: Customized tours with private guides and driver to show prospective Chinese buyers properties overseas. Chinese buyers can preplan their trip while in China instead of after their arrival overseas
    • English Translators: Mandarin speaking guide can serve to translate between prospective Chinese buyers and you
    • School first, Real Estate follows: For Chinese parents who want to send their children to study overseas, we help them to find the right high school and college, as well as assist in the application process. We then plan a Study Tour for the children to visit the schools and appreciate the environment. Once the school is confirmed, many parents will buy real estate near the school for family use.
    • Immigration: we also provide immigration planning, such as EB-5 in the US. This also encourages the purchase of real estate.
    • Mortgage Assistance: Assist in securing real estate financing. In the US, we can help make 15-year financing without using a prospective buyer’s Chinese assets as collateral.
  • We also provide all the Travel Services and Trip Planning to Chinese Buyers:
    • Prior to the trip, Chinese buyers can select the properties they want to see and we:
    • Arrange their travel
    • Help them get their visa
    • Plan their trip
    • Line up properties they preselect in China
    • Provide translator
    • Help with the follow up paperwork when client back in China
    • Help arrange for mortgage financing
  • Using our real estate platform, You can now:
    • Access a huge group of qualified and motivated buyers
    • Increase your commissions per transaction if you can sell to the Chinese Buyer without going through a Buyer’s Agent
    • Work toward becoming a Chinese Buyer’s agent to represent them to look for properties.
  • Given that the average price of real estate purchased by Chinese is much higher than the locals, together with the fact many Chinese pay cash, they are becoming critical in every real estate market.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • We provide end to end services that are difficult to replicate. We are much more that a real estate listing platform
  • Direct access to wealthy Chinese buyers. Strategic partnerships with Chinese state owned enterprises, global investment banking, international banks , businesses and trade organizations. Through partnerships we have established, we will promote your listings by linking our web site to each of the following:
    • China Private Banking Clients (note our link in the large graphical section of this web site, slide #3)
    • Members of US China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (
    • The Pudong Club members (
    • Peregrine Travel Group China clients (
    • Access to members of:
      • China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics, CCCME is China’s largest chamber of commerce (over 15,000 of the leading Chinese state owned enterprises) (This link brings you to CCCME’s web site. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to our web site and you will see Zhao Ai Ju ‘s services offered to CCCME members)
      • Shanghai Enterprise Director Association ( 6000 leading Shanghai companies) (This link brings you to Shanghai Enterprise Director Association’s web site. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to our web site and you will see Zhao Ai Ju’s services offered to SHEC members)
  • Offices in USA and China to support the Chinese Buyers and You
  • Strong business network in China, USA, UK, Canada, and Singapore

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